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As a full-service construction and maintenance company, Simpson Industrial Services offers everything from small-scale maintenance for factories and processing plants to large-scale construction projects designed to service an entire region.

Our planners, management and crews specialize in working alongside municipalities to best meet the needs of any sized population in almost any geographic location.

Water Treatment & Filtration

Solutions to manage & decrease corrosion, scaling and disposal. We have the experience and expertise in the installation of Water Treatment systems including:

• Coagulation & flocculation
• Sedimentation
• Filtration
• Disinfection
• Fluoridation

Water Pumping & Distribution

Potable water may require additional pumping/storage prior to reaching the consumer. We have installed:

• Booster stations to maintain flow/pressure
• Pressure reducing stations
• Storage facilities (concrete, steel, plastic)
• Water analysis & chemical injection

Hydroelectric Penstock Fabrication & Installation

This is a specialized field working in a diverse range of environments.

Lift Stations

Simpson Industrial Services has experience from small packaged lift stations to large municipal facilities.

Pipe Fabrication

Simpson Industrial Services has experience in a wide range of piping materials and fabrication standards, from plastics to stainless steel & exotic materials. 

Simpson Industrial Services also provides quality, all-inclusive water, and wastewater maintenance services in most industrial and factory settings. Our company is available for scheduled maintenance programs as well as emergency fixes on an as-needed basis. Serving all of western, central and northern Canada including the Arctic circle, Simpson Industrial Services is available year-round for projects big and small.

Featured Projects

Inuvik, NWT (2015 - 2017)

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

A larger facility with the capacity to treat 5,608 cubic meters of water per day, the Inuvik Water Treatment Plant features a unique structural design to accommodate the permafrost found at the Arctic Circle. The mechanical design includes an unusual situation where the raw water pumps are located above the high level of the river, with a vacuum priming system utilized to flood them.

Spur Valley, BC (2015)

Water Well Supply Upgrade

This pump house is located in the Regional District of East Kootenay, and provides water, chemical analysis and dosing for the Spur Valley area.

Tilley, AB (2014 - 2015)

Distribution Pumping and Reservoir Upgrade

Located in the Hamlet of Tilley, Alberta, this project has upgraded the system to add 920 cubic meters of reservoir capacity, additional pumping capacity, a truck fill and a standby generator.

Milk River/Coutts, AB (2014 - 2015)

Regional Water Supply Construction

Simpson Industrial Services served as the prime contractor to complete construction at three Milk River and Coutts facilities.

Black Velvet, AB (2014 - 2015)

Ageing Warehouse

As the prime mechanical contractor, Simpson Industrial Services contributed to the design and construction of a 60,000-barrel warehouse for the storage and ageing of Black Velvet Whisky at the distillery in Lethbridge, Alberta. The largest challenge for this unique project was overcoming the design challenges of potential fire and explosion hazards associated with the storage of alcohol.

Cowley, AB (2013 - 2014)

Water Treatment Plant Construction

Simpson Industrial Services was the prime mechanical contractor for this 586,000 litre per day water treatment plant located in Cowley, Alberta. A PALL Aria Membrane Filtration System was installed during construction of this project.

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